Custom Bar/Café Creative Glass Board - 6x Edding Markers Set Included

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Size: 72x46 cm
Background Style: Bar 1

*The glass comes in a blank format, only the background image is printed. This allows you to write your own text/content.

Welcome to the Culinary Canvas: Unleash Creativity with Our Glass Board for Your Kitchen and Bar!

Organize your bar/café menu and elevate the experience with our exceptional Glass Board. Embrace the perfect canvas for every culinary scenario, allowing you to jot down menus and showcase daily specials in style. Whether you're a seasoned chef, a passionate home cook, or a mixologist creating signature cocktails, our glass board offers limitless possibilities for expressing your culinary vision.

Key Features:

  • Smooth & Effortless Writing: Our Edding markers glide effortlessly on the glass surface, delivering smooth and consistent lines with each stroke.
  • Vibrant Color Palette: Explore a rainbow of colors - from classic black and white for sophisticated presentations to the bold brilliance of pink, yellow, blue, and orange for captivating creativity.
  • Enduring Quality: Our glass board is built to endure, providing consistent performance for countless writing sessions without compromising on quality.
  • Unleash Creativity: With this perfect combination of glass board and Edding markers, your creativity knows no bounds - from brainstorming to artwork, every idea shines.
  • Easy Erase & Clean Surface: Cleaning up is a breeze, leaving your glass board spotless and ready for new inspirations.

Greenguard Gold Certified

We're proud to use GREENGUARD certified inks, ensuring that our printing processes meet the most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds into indoor air.

5X More Breakproof

All glass art pieces are printed on 4mm tempered glass of the highest quality, featuring rounded edges to prevent accidental nips and cuts.

Easy To Mount

On top of that, the hanging accessory designed by Artdesigna makes for a hassle-free installation and hanging experience.

How It Works

Prepping the glass

Every glass wall art piece originates from a meticulously chosen piece of durable glass, expertly cut and hand-prepared for each unique design and size.

How It Works

Applying Colors

Ink is intricately applied onto the prepared glass surface, undergoing an instantaneous curing transformation through our specialized UV process.

How It Works

White Cover

An illuminating, opaque layer of white ink is carefully layered beneath the vivid color layer, breathing life into your print and adding a captivating depth of hues.

Introducing the Future of Wall Art

Frameless Glass Prints that elevate your space with a sleek and modern look. Our top-of-the-line printers use advanced technology to capture every detail with their 5 picoliter droplet size, producing sharp and high-resolution images that are sure to impress. The polished glass edges add an extra touch of elegance and ensure your artwork looks great from every angle, while the smooth texture makes it a pleasure to touch. Transform your walls with our Frameless Glass Prints and experience the ultimate combination of style and quality.

Unparalleled Quality

See why our products reign supreme above the rest!


Cheap Knockoff


Seamless Installation

Watch our quick video tutorial for hassle-free tips on how to effortlessly hang your stunning glass wall art. Transform your space in minutes!

Customer Reviews

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Alan Carter (Chicago, US)

Great service beautiful unique pieces 😁

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